Less than a month to go til Camp Nerd Fitness, or “badass training camp” as Rui calls it.

I keep getting these bubbles of excitement. It’s been ages since I went on a proper adventure (which is one of the reasons I signed up!) and I can’t wait. Sometimes I can’t believe it’s only going to be 3 full days. How can all that cool stuff possibly fit?!

I have lots of things to plan and prepare. The class descriptions have been up for a week, getting me excited about archery, inversions, parkour and more! The schedule hasn’t been released yet though, meaning I’ve been trying to not get too carried away in case I set my heart on classes that end up clashing.

Here are a top few of the ones I’m getting excited about though…

Beginner: Inversions

Haven’t ever been upside-down before? Never fear, Beginner Inversions is here! In this course we will be going over various beginning drills and exercises to get you upside-down! No experience necessary, but it is recommended that your hands, wrists, and neck are pain-free.

Primal Movement 101

Want to embrace your inner animal? Feel like there’s more to fitness than working out in a gym? In this class you’ll learn the fundamentals of how to move like a human, and how to incorporate primal movement into your modern life. Be prepared to crawl, roll, swing and climb so you can become fit for the real world.

Uncover Your Power Phrase

Within each of us there is an irreverent and rebellious bad ass who only speaks the truth. Sometimes that bad ass is buried deep under doubt and fear. But we need that inner bad ass, especially when things get dark and twisty and hard! We need a practiced response that resonates, that resounds, that is bound to our history and our self and our inner bad ass.
A power phrase is a deeply personal mantra. It’s the words that rally you to action and the ones that ground you in yourself and your resolve. It’s the tool that makes those 20 seconds of courage last a lifetime.
We will spend the first half of this class talking about transformation: how we do it and what to expect. We will spend the last half of class constructing our own power phrases.

Yoga: Philosophy

Curious about some of the more philosophical aspects of yoga and how to incorporate them into your lifestyle? This class will be a combination of movement and discussion. Together we will look at some of the basics of yoga philosophy and explore ways to bring more mindfulness, peace, and alignment into your body, mind, and spirit (without having to move to a mountain in the Himalayas or never drink whiskey again. Because that would be terrible). This class will be playful, inquisitive, and accessible for all levels.

Archery Skill: Elves, Rangers, and Mockingjays

(All skill levels) Ever dreamed of taking aim against a sea of orcs, fighting the white walkers, or taking down the leader of Panem with a single shot? Learn to shoot a longbow and how to use an archer’s equipment on the range and in the woods. Try out your skills with challenges including: Defend the North, Hunger Games Elimination, and the Battle at Helms Deep!

Intro to Parkour

Parkour/Freerunning is about using the everyday structures that normally direct our travel in a new way; showing that we have no limits and no boundaries. The discipline was originally developed from the French military obstacle course training program. This intro class will cover quadrilateral movements (using your hands and feet), jumps, and rolls, and we will begin to talk about individualized movement and allowing your movements to flow into one another.

Not to mention non-class activities like swimming in the lake, playing on the “blob”, checking out the waterfall or wandering through the forest.

I also have costumes to plan – there’s “time travel night”, which I’m currently planning a 50s outfit for, and “costume night” (“Whether you channel your favorite comic book or video game character, movie hero, or pop culture spirit animal, you can’t go wrong!”) which I’m pretty sure I’m going to be channelling Delirium for.

Then there are practicalities like arranging gecko sitters, getting my phone fixed, making sure I’ve got enough sportswear and trying to not get fired for gazing out of the window all day dreaming about camp.