I looked at the Nerd Fitness Academy the other day and saw that there were a few new quests in the Camp section. One of which was to work out my Camp mission:

What do you want to get out of Camp this fall? Ask yourself why you’re going to camp, and what you hope to get out of the experience. Write this down and keep it in mind as you gear up for the trip and once you arrive!

I’ve thought about it some and I think it comes into three main parts, for me:

  • do badass things in a safe place
  • have an adventure
  • level up my life

Do badass things in a safe place

Did I mention how many awesome things there are to do and try at Camp?! I read past campers’ blogs and looked at course lists and it just sounded so cool. Parkour, tumbling, high ropes, power phrases, form checks for powerlifting, archery, inversions, improv, yoga, martial arts, cosplay workshops, primal movement, slacklining, juggling…!

And the thing I see people say over and over again is that this is a safe space; everyone is there to support you and to help you be awesome. Everyone is jumping in and trying new stuff, and we’re all there to support and encourage each other. What better place to try cool shit? 🙂

Have an adventure

I went travelling before and after university and I found lots of exciting things to do, things to see and adventures to have. I got stuck on the Great Wall of China (twice), talked to a Japanese Buddhist about organised religion, disciplined unruly schoolchildren, got lost walking in a straight line in Shanghai, ate the best piece of toast I’ve ever had in my life in Kyoto, saw a glimpse of a modern geisha, explored the Chinese countryside by bike, sketched novice monks and zen gardens, and experienced an “espresso tea latte”.

Since then, money was tight until I got a job, at which point time became tight instead. I’ve been away on a trip or two but I haven’t really had an adventure in the same way. So I decided to have one.

Level up my life

This isn’t really specific to Camp. I have lots of cool things I want to do and try. It’s one of my main drives behind strength training, socialising, improving my diet and health, strengthening my relationships and career, and so on. The mini-quiz we had to do when we filled out our profiles highlighted this for me (and also that it’s not necessarily the main drive for everyone else).

So, in a sentence, my Camp mission is to do badass things in a safe place and have an adventure.

Writing about Camp

So why am I writing about it?

Well, the biggest reason is for me. I have a feeling (from reading others’ blogs and basically everything I’ve heard about Camp!) that I’m going to have an incredibly densely-packed few days in terms of experiences and memories. I want somewhere to organise my photos and recollections instead of keeping them in my head and on my memory cards.

I also want to be able to share my experience. Both for me (this trip is important for me, and it’s good to share things with people you are close to) and for them. I know at least some of my friends and family will be keen to read about it.

Not that I plan on updating it while I’m there – I’ll be too busy, and there isn’t much phone reception anyway – but I would like to have that to look back on and to share.

The final reason is to share it with other campers. Perhaps those that went this year, but equally those potential future campers who are thinking of attending in future years. I know I read quite a lot of blogs people had written about their experiences when I was thinking about going. They made me realise that this was definitely for me, and they sustained me during the few months after I decided but before I was able to buy tickets. Perhaps I’ll be able to do that for someone else, and that’s a nice thought 🙂

Readers from the future, if you are trying to decide about Camp and have any questions for me about what it was like etc., feel free to ask here!