So it seems based on our answers when we filled out our profiles, we got sorted into one of four houses!

Tyrus 2Tyrus

If you picked “It is my discipline and commitment to my path that is the key to my success. This intrinsic drive manifests itself as determination, grit, and the desire to help others live better lives. This integrity and compassion is my strength.” as “most like you” you got sorted into Tyrus house.

Your “Owl”, as campers are affectionately calling them on the Camp Facebook group, said:

“Your strength of Character makes you a perfect fit for House Tyrus – where integrity, compassion and discipline are your guiding lights.”


Choosing “I strive to work smarter, not harder. Knowledge about the human body and mind helps me live a better life. I design my path with intention. My success is no accident.” as best describing you took you to Rheno (not Reno).

Their letters said:

“Your sharp and inquisitive Mind makes you a perfect fit for House Rheno – where knowledge and intention are instrumental in designing your path.”



House Volo created a lot of mystery for a while on the Facebook group as they seemed to be the last to get their letters! So there was a lot of speculation about “mystery house 4” and so on.

But we now know they favour people like this:

“Your sense of Purpose makes you a perfect fit for House Volo – where drive and focus keep you motivated.”

The option that took you here was “I know why I’m on this quest to build a happier, healthier life. Keeping this reason in the forefront of my mind drives my journey. This motivation is a key to leveling up my life and core to my ongoing success.”

Or, in Nerd Fitness lingo, knowing your “Big Why”.



Saving the best for last! Selecting “I am dedicated to becoming the best version of myself. I enjoy improving upon and learning new skills, and this constant growth is a powerful ally in my quest for a leveled up life.” as “most like me”, took you to the badassery of Havik house.

As you can guess from the title and if you read my Camp Mission post, I picked this option.

“Your focus on Ability makes you a perfect fit for House Havik – where skill and constant growth are treasured.”

I’m sure there will be lots of fun activities to do with the houses when we get to camp, but here and now it just really excites me that I’m going to be able to find people who are motivated by the same specific thing that I’m motivated by! I mean, how cool is that? Even when I meet people who aren’t in my house, asking them their house will tell me just a little bit about them – not their names or ages or where they’re from, but about what matters to them and what personally motivates them. I love that. Camp hasn’t even started yet and we’re already being prepped to let down barriers and connect with each other.