Wow. Well, it’s been a helluva time. 7 days away; 4ยฝ of those at Camp itself. New activities, new names and faces. I haven’t worked out yet how to organise my experiences into something I can share here. A timeline? A summary? I don’t know; I’ll get back to it.

A lot of people have said their first trip to Camp Nerd Fitness was or has been life-changing. I don’t think I would personally go that far. My life was going pretty well before I got here. I already have my hero toolkit, friends who accept me for who I am, and the mindset of viewing life as an adventure and a quest towards a more awesome me. That’s not to say I didn’t improve upon any of these things, or that I didn’t learn anything – far from it! It’s just that they were more like enhancements or upgrades rather than total paradigm shifts.

I’ll elaborate more on these in future posts, but here were some awesome things from Camp:

  • Everyone getting into their house spirit – particularly the back and forth calls of “Marco!” “VOLO!”
  • Being told, “Hey, you’re international. I need you for a quest!” and being dragged off to a Wizard at the end of class.
  • Dressing up as one of my favourite characters from Sandman.
  • Classes and activities that made me feel badass, like boxing or swimming across to the far side of the lake to retrieve “Tessie” (Nessie’s cousin, I guess)
  • Playing Spaceteam – my new favourite board game!
  • Yoga in a pavilion next to the lake as the sun was coming up
  • Watching Back to the Future outside under the stars
  • Getting a high five from someone just for being in Havik house
  • Participating in the powerlifting contest and hitting 9 for 9 attempts and at least 2 PRs. And all the good vibes!
  • Sitting on a log in front of the waterfall and chilling out
  • The forest and wildlife sounds everywhere you walked
  • Quests and badges!

Some cool people I interacted with:

  • Sarah and Shannon, who saw me at the airport and directed me to the right meeting place
  • Jeff, Amanda and others that I chatted with whilst we were waiting at the airport for the shuttles, and then bumped into on multiple occasions later
  • Jess, who sat next to me on the bus, chatted a little and then left me alone – on a 2.5 hour coach trip, it was just what I needed. Introverts unite! (We chatted again later too. She seems pretty cool. Internet stalk incoming…!)
  • Becky, who made an awesome watercolour painting of all the house symbols and gave it to us all for free, enabling me to make the beautiful top below, which I wore to camp. She was also one of my bunkies and shared the power phrase class with me.
  • Carolyn, who helped out during the powerlifting competition and was friendly and approachable and came and chatted to me later too
  • Staci, a little, at the powerlifting contest. I would have loved it to have been more but she was busy and I was a bit starstruck.
  • Aisha, who chatted to me at the powerlifting contest. She ended up getting best overall female lifter, the badass!
  • Kristie. I’m not sure if we actually talked?! But I kept noticing her throughout camp for being an awesome Haviker and then looking so badass on all her lifts.
  • A few more people that I talked to at food time that I think I’ve forgotten the names of most of. Ray/Rey, Nicky-Squid, Amanda a few times, Carlos’ sister, Connor. Probably more?
  • Alli, who boxed with me, and was suitably badass when it was her turn and suitably encouraging when it was mine
  • Amelia, who brought Spaceteam and that wonderful experience, and Jordan, Kirstan, Nancy and… someone else?!… who played with us
  • Cards Against Humanity players – Vivek, Jess, some people I didn’t learn the names of, and some poor (ESL) bloke who didn’t know what a Brazilian was
  • Jillian, Death to my Delirium! After a dozen or more conversations beginning, “So what’s your costume?” “Have you read Sandman?” “No.”, you were a sight for sore eyes!
  • My co-blobbers/Tessie rescuers – Carlo(s), Tim and Scott
  • Rachel, who ran the boxing class and made me feel badass. And a volunteer at that class whose name I didn’t catch who told me afterwards I was really going for it, and gave me a gem ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Amy, who ran the hero toolkit class and Maddie, who ran the power phrase class. More on those later, I’m sure! Particular thanks to Maddie for helping out when I got stuck.
  • Kate M, who ran yoga and a class about power cycles. Both pretty awesome.
  • Steve – very brief hugs on arrival and departure. Next time I’ll be less shy and make time to chat!
  • Everyone who signed my “happy book” – thanks for taking the time and for making it safe to ask (was kinda scary!).

I’m sure I’ve missed people. If you remember me, or remember an interaction with me, remind me about it in the comments! (I was Delirium on cosplay night and wore a red 50s dress on time travel night, if that helps.)

More from me later.