I already shared with you a bit about the Houses and how we got sorted into them. (Keep reading to see what house you would get sorted into!) Here’s all the other ways our Houses affected us at Camp Nerd Fitness…

House Pride

As I mentioned already, it was great to see everyone getting into their house spirit. There were a lot of fox ears around and cries of “Marco!” “VOLO!” echoed across the camp on a regular basis.

They had an art area where you could make posters for your house or colour in a lineart version of the official mascots. I quite fancied doing this at some point, but the room that had it in was often closed during the day as it had classes in.

The Legend of the Four Founders

Completing all the house quests unlocked a scavenger hunt where you could follow the legend of the four founders (Tyrus, Havik, Rheno and Volo).

The hunt took you all around the campsite gathering items and clues and unlocking a small piece of the story with each stop.

You can read the full legend here: 2016-cnf-lore-summary

One of the first groups to complete the legendary quest was a group of four campers that had teamed up together that happened to be one from each house. If you’ve read the legend I linked above, you’ll know that the message was about how we are stronger when we work together and how their secret power source came from uniting all four heroes. So how cool that it was solved by a team working together containing one member of each house!

The Camper Cup (Gems)

All four teams were competing to earn the most gems towards the Camper Cup. You were awarded gems for various activities, like helping a fellow camper, giving it your all in a fitness class or trying out a new thing.


Here are the things I won gems for at Camp:

  • Giving it my all in boxing class
  • Trying a boxing class when I’d never done one before
  • Setting a squat PR in the powerlifting competition
  • Setting a bench PR in the powerlifting competition
  • Setting a deadlift PR in the powerlifting competition
  • Completing all 4 house badges
  • Being international! (Someone else had a quest to find an international camper and bring them to Matt. They got a gem but so did I!)
  • Making a zen rock pile (5 gems because it had more than 20 rocks)
  • Knowing what the Vorpal sword was used to slay and finding the right Wizard and telling him
  • Retrieving Tessie from the far side of the lake (5 gems)

The gems were tallied each day and the totals updated on the scoreboards (and then the gems reused, because they didn’t have like a thousand gems).


House Quests

Havik badges

In our information booklets we had a list of activities organised by each house. They were themed around that house’s traits (mental for Rheno, leveling up for Havik, etc.) Completing 7 out of the 11 activities for any house earned you a badge, and getting all four badges got you a “true camper” badge as well as the option to unlock the legendary quest (which earned you a further badge if you completed it – hey, nerds like achievements).

I got all four house badges but I had to accept a substitute badge instead of the pawprint one as they had run out.


Daily Quest Board Challenges

There were also 4 boards around the Great Hall with a “daily quest” on each, which was a question of the day themed around each house. For example, “What’s one thing you love about the Nerd Fitness community?” (Tyrus) or “What’s one skill you’ve improved today?” (Havik)

Sorting Hat

I extrapolated the information they gave us about the houses and made a fuller test to “sort” people into houses. (This post explains how they actually sorted people into houses.) Give it a go here and let me know the result! Was it the same or different to the house you were sorted into at camp?