Here’s your quick go-to guide for all the lingo used to talk about Nerd Fitness and Camp, in case I use any of them without remembering to “translate”!

The Arena A room indoors used for classes in the day (mainly dance, I think) and board/video games in the evening. Named after the main fighting area in The Hunger Games.
Beacon of Gondor The area where the campfires were held nightly. Named after the warning fires at Gondor in Lord of the Rings.
The Blob Inflatable “blob” of plastic in the lake, onto which you jumped from a pier in order to propel another camper into the water.
Camper Cup A competition that pitted the four houses against each other in order to win a trophy.
Colosseum An amphitheatre where we gathered for the opening and closing ceremonies, and where a few classes were held. Presumably named after the Roman one.
Forbidden Pool A swimming pool that was off-limits in previous years but was open for set hours in 2016.
Gems Points you could earn towards the Camper Cup on behalf of your house. When you earned points, you were given a gem in your house colour, which you put in your house’s jar in front of the scoreboard to be counted.
Great Hall The dining area. Named after the dining room at Hogwarts in Harry Potter.
Havik One of the four houses. Typified by improving one’s skills, learning new things and levelling up.
Headmasters Instructors.
Helm’s Deep A shaded outdoor concreted area under the main NFHQ building. Some classes were held here.
Hobbiton One of the three areas of residence.
Hogwarts A classroom. Named after the school in Harry Potter.
House One of four teams that campers were divided into. The four houses were Havik, Tyrus, Rheno and Volo. Campers could earn points for their house and learn about the backstory.
House Quests Activities themed around each house’s traits. If you completed 7 out of 11 for any house, you got a badge. If you got all four house badges you got a “true camper” achievement (and badge).
Hyrule Field Large grassy area in front of NFHQ. Named after the large grassy area in front of the main castle in Zelda.
“It will be okay.” One of the phrases Steve made everyone repeat after him in the opening ceremony. Repeated a lot to each other over the course of camp.
“It’s just for fun.” The second phrase Steve made everyone repeat after him in the opening ceremony. Repeated a lot to each other over the course of camp.
“I’m a Hero!” A phrase from Amy Clover’s hero bootcamp.
Kami’s Lookout A covered pavilion next to the lake where yoga and a few other classes were held. Name is a Dragon Ball reference.
Kirby’s Dreamland One of the three areas of residence.
Lake Tess The lake. I think this was its real name, not a geeky rename.
Lauren Nerd Fitness employee. The one who organises all this Camp malarkey.
The Leaky Cauldron One of the classrooms at NFHQ, off the Great Hall. Named after a pub in Harry Potter.
Lian Yu The place where archery was held. Named after the island prison from Arrow.
Lon Lon Ranch The smaller lawn next to NFHQ (next to Hyrule Field). Named after the farm in Hyrule Field in Zelda.
Misty Mountains One of the three areas of residence. At the top of the hill. Where I stayed.
NFHQ Nerd Fitness headquarters. The main building, where food was served and most of the indoor classes were held.
The Oracle Information centre and place you got badges from. Manned by Wizards.
Panem Training Grounds A courtyard where the powerlifting competitions and lifting classes were held. Named after the training grounds in The Hunger Games.
Quests Tasks you could do for gems. See also House Quests.
Rheno One of the four houses. Typified by intelligence and learning.
Staci Key employee of Nerd Fitness. Runs the Women’s Academy. Powerlifting expert.
Steve Founder of Nerd Fitness.
Temple of Time A pavilion in the forest where some classes were held. Another Zelda reference.
Tessie An inflatable green dragon/dinosaur that floated around the lake. Name is a pun between Lake Tess and Nessie.
Tyrus One of the four houses. Typified by determination, commitment and helping others.
Volo One of the four houses. Typified by self-reflection, inner drive and purpose.
Wizards Volunteers who helped out at Camp.
Wristband, Black Wearing your wristband with the black side showing means “Come and talk to me!”
Wristband, Red Wearing your wristband with the red side showing means “Please leave me alone right now.”
Xavier Institute A classroom. Named after the school for mutants in X-Men.


Let me know if there’s anything I should add!