I’m Itti. Here’s some stuff I do:

  • programming (my job)
  • powerlifting
  • keep geckos
  • take photos
  • calligraphy

Here’s some stuff I like:

  • Neil Gaiman novels
  • Community, Sherlock, Steins;Gate, Tsuritama and Orange is the New Black
  • bright colours
  • board games. Favourites include Go, Sushi Go, Maori, Vikings, Hanabi, Escape, Dixit and Timeline.
  • Dwarf Fortress and UnReal World
  • lists (you’d never have guessed, right?)
  • tea (Kenyan, Assam and Ceylon are my favourites. I sometimes drink white or green tea too)
  • snow
  • fireworks and bonfires
  • Jukebox the Ghost, the Doubleclicks, Ballboy, Placebo, Walk the Moon, fun., The Mountain Goats, Pentatonix, The Naked and Famous, Never Shout Never, Bowling for Soup, Alkaline Trio, Tegan and Sara, …

Here’s some stuff I want to do:

  • parkour
  • go to Antarctica
  • be able to juggle (3-ball cascade)
  • get my paragliding license (EP)
  • overhead press my bodyweight
  • sail a boat
  • have some kind of 30th birthday party
  • go to a cat café
  • hit a bulls-eye with a bow and arrow
  • achieve level 25 in Portuguese on DuoLingo
  • finish my Listography book

Here’s some cool stuff I’ve already done:

  • travelled around the world
  • taught English as a foreign language
  • got a maths degree (well I think it’s cool :D)
  • won a trophy for my bread baking
  • got a green belt in judo (4 or 5 kyu at the time)
  • watched judo live at the London Olympics
  • eaten sushi in Japan
  • watched glass blowing in Venice
  • watched a yabusame (horse archery) contest
  • made an epic rainbow cake
  • donated blood
  • coded a computer game
  • worked in a tech startup
  • took underwater photos of tropical fish in the corals
  • climbed to the top of an indoor climbing wall

This blog is about my travels to Camp Nerd Fitness 2016.